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Business Startup


Here you have found a lawyer who has been in your shoes.  We can help you keep your efforts and passions focused on your own pursuit.   Let us help you establish and protect your ideas, your name, and your identity, online and offline.  Beyond your essential intellectual property, let us help you choose the correct organizational structure that will grow with you and protect your interests.  We can help establish your capital structure, your leadership structure, and your ownership structure.  We can identify and plan for market, environment, and regulatory risks.  We can run with the burdensome permitting processes while you focus on your customers and growth.


We are experienced, fast, and never farther away than a text.  Nothing happens until you take the steps to make it happen.  Don’t be afraid to start small.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk.


We want to do this with you today.


Attorney David says:

In this life before law, I started a business in my home office alone, moved it to an attic until it grew to 7 employees, then proceeded to grow to 23 employees and satisfy over 70, 000 customers in more than 60 countries.  It brought challenges and excitement, and the freedom to go to law school.  And it remains in my life today, giving me a personal interest in staying up on best practices.


Let’s get things right up front with your business.  We can focus on reducing the friction of government and requirements, while you focus on your idea, your market, and your goals.  We can:

  • help find the best business structure and ownership form for your purposes;
  • help prepare organizational documents necessary to obtain financing;
  • help acquire necessary permits or licenses;
  • keep you informed of requirements of your industry and requirements of various units of government;
  • help deal with interstate differences, and international barriers to trade;
  • function as your sounding board, advisor, advocate, intermediary;
  • handle leasing or real estate transactions;
  • represent you before local boards and state agencies;
  • find the best way to secure your intellectual property;
  • help with succession planning;
  • help with employment law and employment polices.


Make an appointment here today.  Don’t’ wait for everything to be in a perfect place to start or expand your business.  Do it now.  Together we will work to find a way.



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Plymouth Economic Development Corporation Micro Loan Program (here and here and contact here) (and read more below)

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The Plymouth Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) Micro Loan Program

The information available for this program is very sparse online.  Below are some snippets about it that we have put together from various sources.


On 2/9/16, Jack Davis, director of the Micro Loan program, said in an email:

As you know, the loans are given out through the local not for profit agency – Plymouth Economic Development Corporation. Myself and five other local individuals sit on the loan committee.  Our desire it to help local businesses qualify for one of our loans and support them in their journey to be a successful business. One part of the application process is to develop a business plan.  This can be a daunting task, but will be extremely important in making your business successful.  If you need help in writing a plan I have found four resources that may be helpful:

1.       The Small Business Association –  - this site has a link to “Business Plan” which guides you through an online development of a plan.  It would be helpful to at least look through this to get the idea of what should be contained in the plan.  It may end up being just what you need to complete a plan. This of course is free.

2.       SCORE is an organization consisting of “local” individuals with business experience who have volunteered to help new businesses get started.  This is also a free service.  You can contact either the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce or the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation for information on how to make contact with SCORE.

3.       The Fulton County Economic Development Corporation hosts a class on Business Development twice a year.  I am not sure when their next class begins. It is held in the evenings and I think is four or five nights long.  During this class you will write a business plan. There is a cost of around $100 for this course.  PEDC would be able to reimburse you for the cost of the course.  You would need to contact Fulton County EDC as soon as possible if you are interested in this option.

4.       There are professionals who will also help you write a business plan.  The cost of these services can be in the $2000 to $2500 range.  Again, PEDC could help reimburse you for a small portion of this cost.  Locally, I know that Chad Barden is one of the individuals doing this.

Feel free to contact me for questions or assistance.  Part of my role is to meet with interested entrepreneurs before the application is submitted to the loan committee to assist businesses through the process.



PEDC Micro Loan Guidelines (pdf)

PEDC Micro Loan Request for Funds (pdf)

PEDC Micro Loan Business Summary (pdf)

PEDC Micro Loan Financial Statement (pdf)

PEDC Micro Loan Collateral Form (pdf)








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